Laboratory preparation
4) Pollen counting
A pollen sum of 500 AP (500 terrestrial pollen in treeless situations) can be taken as a minimum. The following, however, may require this total to be greatly increased.
  1. Uneven distribution of pollen on the slide. This will necessitate the counting of either a whole slide or a entire half slide.
  2. A very low number (less than 20) of added Lycopodium spores encountered. In this case counting may need to be continued until it is felt that the influx calculations are statistically reliable.
  3. Very varied pollen assemblages when it is obvious that many new taxa are still appearing as counting continues. In this case it is sensible to continue counting until some form of equilibrium is achieved.
In addition to pollen and spores, spheroidal carbonaceous particles and coniferous stomata should also be counted.